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What is a Penny War?

What is a Penny War?

Penny War flyer

A Penny War is a fundraising tool in which everyone can participate.

The VFW Post 3904 Penny War is a fundraising contest between the six branches whose members can be eligible for the Veterans of Foreign Wars – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.  The winning branch will get bragging rights.  What happens to all the change?  VFW Post 3904 will deposit the money in the Post Rebuild the Building account.

How does it work?

Everyone has loose change in their purse, pocket, backpack, car, house, office desk, etc.  It is just collecting dust.  You can bring it to our fundraiser on February 29, 2020 at Legends in Fulton between 11AM and 4:30PM.

For the branch or branches who are your favorite, you place pennies, $1 bills or coins and/or $10 bills in the corresponding jar.

          Penny              +1 point

          $1 bill or coin     +100 points

          $10 bill            +1000 points

For the branch or branches which you do not favor, put all your silver coins (except dollars) or $2, $5 or $20 bills in the corresponding jars.

          Nickel             -5 points

          Dime               -10 points

          Quarter             -25 points

          Half Dollar         -50 points

          $2 bill             -200 points

          $5 bill             -500 points

          $20 bill            -2000 points

The winning branch will be determined by the branch having the most points.  All moneys received from the Penny War will go to the VFW Post 3904 Rebuild the Building Fund.

Hope to see you at our fundraiser or you can make a donation here.


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