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VFW Post 3904 Advertising Policy

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VFW Post 3904 Advertising Policy

Stewart-Wendell VFW Post 3904 Advertising Policy

As an integral part of the operations of Stewart-Wendell VFW Post 3904 (The Post), providing space for advertising serves two purposes.  First is providing an avenue for local businesses and persons to advertise their products and services.  Second is a way to generate income for the Post to be used to serve veterans and the community.

General Policy

Advertising via any means with the Post does not constitute an endorsement from the Post, District 6 VFW Department of Texas, VFW Department of Texas and/or the VFW.

No advertising will be accepted for publication/display which violates the purposes of the VFW. 

Advertising must comply with local, state and federal law.

Final approval of all advertising is with the Post Commander and his/her successors.

Advertising Policies

The below is not an exhaustive list.

Prohibited/Inappropriate Content

Counterfeit Goods, recreational drugs (chemical or herbal), psychoactive substances, drug paraphernalia, explosive materials, anything of a sexual nature, anything which infringes upon copyrights or trademarks, hacking software or instructions, fake documents, academic cheating services, bullying, intimidation, discrimination in any form, hate group paraphernalia, cruelty to animals, sale or trade of endangered species, profanity, etc.

Deceptive Advertising

Omitting or obscuring charges, fees, interest rates, penalties, contact information.  Offering products or services which are not available.  Misleading or unrealistic claims.


No political advertising will be allowed in any advertising format at the Post or its publications.  The exception to this prohibition is advertising to vote generically (no party or candidate affiliations), local polling place information including dates, times and locations and information for mail-in voting.

Newsletter Policy

The Stewart Wendell Dispatch is a monthly publication generated by members of the Post.  Along with the Advertising Policies stated above, there will be no advertising in the Dispatch for individuals buying or selling products or services (garage/estate sales, modes of transportation, cleaning services, lawn care services, animals, etc.).  This policy does not apply to a single person doing business as a company (except animals).  Pricing and sizes are stated below.

Interior Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board located in the Post is available for posting of individuals selling or buying products or services and advertising as stated in the Newsletter Policy.  Advertisements can be no larger than 5”x7” and are free.  The advertisement can be posted for up to four weeks.  The Post Commander and his/her successors can remove any item on the Bulletin Board at any time.

Interior Electronic Advertising

There will be internal Electronic Advertising in the future.  This policy will be updated when the service is available.

External Electronic Sign Advertising

There will be external Electronic Sign Advertising in the future.  This policy will be updated when the service is available.

Other Advertising Opportunities

If an advertiser has an advertising idea not covered above, contact the Post Commander at 3904Commander@gmail.com.

Advertising Fees

Advertising in the Stewart Wendell Dispatch:

Business Card sized (black & white/color)

One month $5/$6, six months $25/$30, one year $50/$60.

Two Business Cards (one on top the other) sized (black & white/color)

1 month $10/$11, six months $50/$55, one year $100/$110

Other advertising pricing will be made available when the means are available.


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